Monday, November 17, 2008

Faculty: Macklemore

-We briefly mentioned Macklemore a few weeks ago after his ridiculous Halloween show at the Wild Buffalo in Bellingham. Due to the fact that he is one of Seattle's best MCs, I figured he deserved more than that. Then again, the Mack is no stranger to being overlooked. Despite being a member of Seattle supergroup Good Medicine along with members of Common Market and Blue Scholars, he is rarely mentioned as being among the city's best.
-Along with (inferior) rappers like Asher Roth, Macklemore seems to be ushering in what The Stranger's Charles Mudede refers to as "the racially complicated post-Eminem era." More and more white kids are trying their hand at hip-hop, doing so earnestly and without the gimmicks that their caucasian predecessors found necessary.
-Recently Macklemore navigated his way through the history of hip-hop in "The Party", which was recently released on Iller Clothing Company's Iller Sessions EP. The EP is a history lesson in itself, as it features the likes of DMC, Digital Underground and Large Professor next to local favorites lick Mack and RA Scion of Common Market. Check it out.

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Crystal Washington said...

Macklemore is the bomb! His writing skills trump most I've heard in the game right now - not just Seattle. Catch him on the upcoming "Westside Bugg Presents... The Best Of The West" compilation album, which I think drops in December on Jake Records, which is a Seattle-based label.