Thursday, November 13, 2008

School Supplies: Locust Happy Hour Sale

-I stopped by Bellingham's illest streetwear boutique, Locust, today and picked up a fresh Diamond Supply Co. tee for only $15. While there, I was informed about their happy hour sale, happening tomorrow (Friday,) so I thought I'd post up some of my favorite items that they have in-stock to get people as excited about the sale as I am.
-First we have these Hundreds softy New Era fitted hats, which are made of that kind of foamy material your tee-ball hats were made out of. I almost bought one of these today too.
-Then there are a couple pairs of shoes from one of our favorite brands, Clae Footwear, I think they were like $120 and $140 but I think they'll be marked down at the sale.
-Then they have these dope fitteds from King Stampede, which have a velcro patch on the front and a couple different logos you can attach.
-Finally, Locust has a wide variety of gentleman's hats from Brixton, one of our favorite modern haberdasheries.
-There is a ton more great merch at the store (I just happened to have easy access to these photos from Hypebeast,) so if you're way up north be sure to check out the sale and also make sure to stop by and see my girl Heather at Frank James, which is also participating in the sale. -Make sure to click on the photo so you can actually check the details on the banner.

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