Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Final Exams: My Favorite Albums of 2008

1. Why?- Alopecia
I’ve talked about how much I love Why? before, but aside from that, all I can say about this one is longevity. This is one of the few CDs from the beginning of he year I still put on repeat.
Best Track: These Few Presidents

2. Thao & the Get Down Stay Down- We Brave Bee Stings and All
I would like to think that if I made music, it would be as lighthearted and free as this. It’s a beautiful CD and I’ll be waiting for more in 2009.
Best Track: Swimming Pools

3. The Mae Shi- HLLLYH
These are the sort of songs I’m always singing in the car. Perfect to yell along to, and how many bands can say they have an entire record label named after one of their CDs? (Terrorbird)
Best Track: Party Politics

4. Man Man- Rabbit Habits
If you haven’t seen the pitchfork.tv special on these guys I suggest you go do that now. Honus Honus and the other aptly-named members share their secrets of production (fireworks in a trashcan etc) and their bike spots. Another reason to love this band- wikipedia refers to it as Viking-vaudeville and manic gypsy jazz.
Best Track: Ballad of the Butter Beans

5. Nate Henricks- We Make Lo-Art!
This is a favorite CD of mine that I would never have known of if I wasn’t so loyal to The Catbirdseat. Their monthly mixs are a great place to find new music such as obscure hometown boy Nate Henricks.
Best Track: Flyin’ fish Getting Ready For the Future

6. Dr. Dog- Fate
Not much to say here, beautiful album, touching lyrics, all that shit. On a semi-unrelated note I’ve had these guys as my ringtone for a while now... so I have a soft spot.
Best Track: The Breeze

7. Bon Iver- For Emma, Forever Ago
This is the girliest pick on the list I promise- from here on out, its all gender neutral. That being said- this album is perfect. Justin Vernon’s voice and lyrics prove that secluding yourself in a cabin still makes a great record.
Best Track: Skinny Love

8. Jamie Lidell- Jim
This is one I started listening to when I still volunteered at the radio station (KUGS 89.3 and it streams online.) Catchy and guaranteed to put you in a good mood- this album is slowly renewing my love of Motown and upbeat pop.
Best Track: Where D’You Go?

9. No Age- Nouns
Hm.. not much to say, everyone I know loves this album and DIY punk is back.
Best Track: Eraser

10. Fucked Up- The Chemistry of Common Life
Only fitting as I live in Canada now (not Toronto, but anyways.) Revitalizing hardcore blah blah blah. If you must know more, Pitchfork does a nice review.
Best Track: The Chemistry of Common Life

11. Lil Wayne- Tha Carter III
So good. And no matter how much you hate it, you know all the songs. Also, the only person to have simultaneously 5 songs on the radio…
Best Track: A Milli

12. The Lord Dog Bird- S/T
Music to walk home and think about the state of thing sin your life to. That’s what I do anyways.
Best Track: The Shedding Path

13. Hercules and Love Affair- S/T
I was recommended this by a friend and it only strengthened my faith in their musical taste. If you want your friends to admire your taste too, recommend this!
Best Track: Blind

14. Los Campesinos!- Hold on Now, Youngster
Who doesn’t love a Welsh accent singing catchy indie pop lyrics?
Best Track: … And We Exhale And Roll Our Eyes In Unison

15. Shugo Tokumaru- Exit
When all the artists you love show up to a small show, it’s probably a good idea to listen to the guy they’re showing up for. Shugo Tokumaru is it, and his album is as charming as one might expect.
Best Track: Parachute

Honorable Mentions
1. MGMT- Oracular Spectacular
2. Jay Reatard- Matador Singles ‘08
3. Fujiya & Miyagi- Lightbulbs
4. Devotchka- A Mad and Faithful Telling
5. Marnie Stern- This Is It and I Am It and You Are It and So Is That and He IS It and She Is It and It Is It and That Is That

Purposely Not Included
1. Fleet Foxes- S/T
That fucking song is always stuck in my head. These guys are at the top or near-top of too many best of 2008 lists, I didn’t hate the album, but it doesn’t deserve all the attention.
2. TV On the Radio- Dear Science
They are getting worse and they weren’t that good to begin with.

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The OddNotes said...

No Age is so, so good. they're bringing back my love for punk.