Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Art Major: Monsieur T. x Hecklewood Wood Pushers

-Portland based streetwear label Monsieur T. and is teaming up with Hecklewood boutique/gallery tomorrow (Dec. 4) to present Wood Pushers, a skateboard art exhibition. Small boutiques and galleries keep the local art and streetwear scenes alive, so we urge our Portland skate/art/coolness friends to hit this up. I remember attending a similar show at Local 35 on Hawthorne back in high school and it was one of the first times that I started to grasp the importance of independent boutiques within a city's retail economy. And there was free beer there. The show takes place at Hecklewood Gallery 114 NW 3rd Ave. Portland, OR 97209, with an opening reception from 7-10pm. The pieces from the show will be available for purchase on Hecklewood's web site after the show.
-Here are my two favorite items from Monsieur T.:

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