Wednesday, December 17, 2008

School Supplies: Wishlist Revisited

- It seems to me that during the long cold month of November, whilst I am compiling my Christmas list, I can never quite find exactly what I want. Well, as is the case, I’ve found everything I want and it’s now too late to get it. But, if you really love me, here is a revised wish list. (I still want all those things from Oak.)

1. Beautiful USB keys by Brooklyn design firm BY:AMT
2. I usually try to post things for girls… but, as a Colorado native I feel obligated to mention the lovely new designs and re-stocks from Colorado born Akomplice Clothing.
3. Gorgeous studded boots from Asos,which, by the way, just went on sale.
4. I’ve needed computer speakers since I got a laptop for grad. In 2007. I need these from fredflare.
5. Endangered species alphabet poster from designsupremo.
6. I need a new winter coat. I’m thinking I like this trench coat pea coat hybrid at tobi.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas,

Get me your address and I'll get you a "Ballin' With Barack" Tee.



Anonymous said...

They have those speakers at UO for 20 dollars less, by the way :)

Angelo said...

good lookin out

Filipa said...

I’m designer in a wonderful project called Boca do Lobo, this need to be shared.