Saturday, December 6, 2008

Professors: KAWS x Kanye

-There has been a ton of discussion and dissent ever since the first track, "Love Lockdown", from Kanye's impromptu diversion 808s and Heartbreak leaked over a month ago. We've resisted commenting on the album yet because we still aren't quite sure how we feel about it. On one hand I respect the man for going Sarah Palin on the industry and doing his own thing, especially since he promised to still put out a radio friendly album in June. On the other hand, most of the tracks sound pretty similar and the fact that this album was made in a hurry is definitely evident. "Heartless" and "Coldest Winter" are solid tracks though, and "Welcome to Heartbreak" is straight-up amazing.
-Adding to the hype around this album, urban-art goldenboy KAWS has lent has employed his signiture style to create this limited edition album art for the disc. Even if you don't love this album, at least you'll have some fresh KAWS art popping up on your iPod every once in awhile.

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