Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Classmates: Ryan of Rookie of the Year

-Way back in August I reviewed Rookie of the Year's newest album, Sweet Attention. Rookie's first album, The Goodnight Moon, is one of my favorite discs of all time. I was a little harsh in my review and, as usually seems to happen with me, the album has grown on me in the past few months.
-I had a chance to get a brief interview with Rookie's lead singer, Ryan Dunson, whose original solo project eventually morphed into the band that has been one of my favorites since I heard them in Jeff's Bonneville in early 2006.
-Dunson touches on the sound of the most recent album, the next one, and some music he's digging presently. Check it out after the jump.

What are 5 Ryan Dunson essentials, gadgets, clothes, whatever?

-Computer, sidekick lx, wallet, camera and my other phone.

Do you wear the same clothes for the day as on stage at night?

-Not at all... full changeout

How does the touring lifestyle effect your style?

-After you tour for alittle to much.. You kinda get lazy with what you wear.. Haha

As a big fan of The Goodnight Moon, I was anxious for a follow-up.
Can you just elaborate a bit on the difference in sound and approach on Sweet Attention?

-With 'Sweet Attention' we just wanted to have fun with the record. The next record will be epic.

Give me a couple bands that you're really feeling right now

-M83, quietdrive, coldplay and amore more

Any bands in the mainstream mtv/radio world that you're digging?

-Not sure...

How do you think Myspace and the internet have changed music for the up-and-comiong artist?

-There's no money left in the music business.. Its all about if you really like playing music or not

You put the meanings and inspirations for your songs on your Myspace, whats the story behind doing that? I think it's something a lot of kids wish their favorite bands would do.

-I just like everybody to know why I wrote this and that.

When you were doing the solo having to let go stuff did you plan on eventual expanding to a full band?

-Not really... just fell into place.

Do you ever feel like doing solo stuff again?

-My Favorite will be releasing a e.p. on 111 maybe soon.

-This is just my interest, but who does the piano on the songs with keys?

-Matt Theissen from relient k plays all keys.

-The inevitable stock question, what bands were/still are your biggest influences?

Copeland. My hotel year.. Monday in London

I swear you guys have never had a Portland or Seattle show, what is up with that?

-We just came to Seattle a month ago... coming back again in a month. The date is posted.

I was glad to read that 'What Is Love' is heading to radio soon, how exciting is that prospect, and do you have any say in what should be the single that goes out?

-We have say. We think the song would do well. It's a new version though. That's not on the cd.

So, whats next for Rookie?
-Secondhand serenade tour in Jan.

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