Monday, December 29, 2008

Administrative: XMAS x NEWS! x KAOSS

-Firstly, let us apologize for the sparseness of posts over the Holiday, all three of us have been on trips and have had limited access to interwebs.
-Secondly, you may enjoy this video of two pieces of amazing musical equipment, the KAOSSILATOR and the KAOSS Pad KP3, both by KORG. The video is posted not only to share my excitement about the fact that I just ordered both of those items to compliment my beloved microKORG, but also to help remind people of something that I mentioned awhile back. In the next year we will be launching a few more blogs under the Class Act Media hood, the first of which will be a music nerd/synth/gadget/dj/equipment blog - the name has yet to be decided. As with any Class Act endeavor, the new sister-blog will be college-focues and written by current college scholars. I (Angelo) am in the process of finding passionate and knowledgeable people to help me with the new project (Goodie? Kurt? Clowers? Baby Kurt?) More info coming soon, so keep checking back.
-The video also reminded me to reminded you that most videos that appear on our blog can be found on our YouTube page in the favorites section, along with a ton of other videos that haven't been on the blog but we've favorited because they are amazing, like the one below.

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