Monday, December 1, 2008

Dress Code: The Big Kid Backpack

-Last week I heard about this JanSport Heritage Collection of backpacks, then Selectism gave us the first detailed look at one of the bags (the 767 Burhorn, above, which can be worn on the back as shown, or as a messenger shoulder bag.) In recent years I've seen a couple of articles in GQ and Details about how an adult can rock a backpack and not look like an adolescent, and as our primary audience is one that is on the verge of leaving academic life for professional life, I think it's something everyone over the age of 18 needs to think about. I try to use my unnecessarily large Dakine as infrequently as possible, but like it because it is waterproof (a must up here) and it carries my skateboard.
-For about a year I've been looking for a more conservative backpack. I like the simplicity, variety of colors and price ($42) of the American Apparel canvas schoolbag (below, left) but worry that it will fall apart like most AA gear. I like the idea of seemingly boring and ubiquitous (in middle-school, at least) pack makers like JanSport and Eastpak, which teamed with Raf Simons for multiple collections (below, right,) doing high-end lines. Simplicity of design and color seems to be an agreeable common theme in many designer backpacks of late. But I've also got to think about safely carrying my computer and camera when I need to. It's a struggle. Just some thoughts.

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