Sunday, December 7, 2008

Intro to Cinema: Lebowski Fest

-I am amazed that this site has been up and running for nearly nine months without a single mention of The Big Lebowski. Fortunately, The New York Times was all over this year's Lebowski Fest, an annual soiree where the film's cult following is encouraged to sip White Russians and dress like pederasts, stoners, nihilists, or what have you. The Times documented to event with a front page article and a piece on The Dude's drink of choice.
-This year's New York City location is an obvious step down from the home of last year's Lebowski Fest. Seattle's own Jeff Dowd was the inspiration for the film's main character, Jeff Lebowski, so last year's festival was held at K-Lanes, the only known landmark in my hometown of Kenmore, Washington.
-Despite his ever-present bathrobe, The Dude has become somewhat of a style icon. The Big Lebowski has inspired hundreds of shirts, including The Dude's own baseball jersey an updated version of Shepard Fairey's classic OBEY logo. Check out for more.

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