Saturday, December 27, 2008

Field Trip: ICONoclasts

-The second Class Act Field Trip has officially begun, and after the obligatory trip to Disneyland I decided it was time to get to work. My first stop was Downtown Los Angeles, where I was surprised to find the L.A. branch of Upper Playground, which happened to be right next door to Estevan Oriol's Vans-sponsored "ICONoclasts" exhibition. Though the seedy surroundings initially seemed less than optimal, one glimpse at Oriol's work proved that it would be out of place anywhere else. His gritty black and white renderings of L.A. life have made him a local legend, and the ICONoclast series examines the legacy of alternative icons like Henry Rollins and Stacy Peralta. Coincidentally, Oriol has also collaborated extensively with Upper Playground, producing the above shirt and several others that can be found here.

*Pictures courtesy of Hypebeast

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