Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dress Code: Class Act Endorsements

-I like Toms shoes. Most of the buzz about them has to do with the fact that: for every pair you buy, Toms gives a pair of shoes to a child who needs them in South America or Africa. The charity aspect is obviously a plus, but I like them simply because they're the most comfortable shoes I own. The people at Toms understand the beauty of simplicity, canvas and rubber, that is all they are, and that is whats magnificent about them.

-I was unaware of the variety of styles Toms offered until I saw these (above) in a piece about father's day gifts earlier today.

-The ones I own are like these (above) but in black. I bought them at Exit Real World on NW 23rd (Portland). I had seen them once before, on Chris Housen, but bought them only because I was in dire need of some black shoes. They were, and still are, fairly over priced ($40-$50) for what they are, but the charitable contribution makes up for the price. I pump Toms to everyone, they're one of my all time favorite purchases.

-The Web site has a ton of styles for both men (above) and women (below). You'll probably get some questions about why you're wearing karate shoes, but they really go well with a jean that has a narrow break.

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