Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Design Major: Carey Haider-Under the Influence

-Keeping the northwest DIY artscene afloat, Carey Haider is proving to be the archetype for the 21st century artist. Simultaneously achieving success as a gallery artist, graphic artist, musician, photographer and most notably, as the creator of his label Blacktooth, Haider shows that the model for subterranean success is diversification.

-Despite press and exposure around the world1, Haider has stayed true to the punk rock roots that shaped his style. His creations represent a unique variety of recurring themes and inspirations. He makes what he feels like making, and one things for certain, he doesn't give a fuck what you think about him.

- The man behind Blacktooth took a minute to explain some of his diverse influences. Full interview and samples of Haider's work in all mediums, after the jump. (aka click the more link for interview)

Ok, so it's after the jump so I can be all informal. How this is going to work is, what I say (because I'll be adding commentary throughout) will be in regular font, and Haider's words are in italics, get it? All photos are used courtesy of Carey Haider, click to enlarge.

-What are you favorite portland stores?

--I really dont go to Portland stores, well I do go to a lot of thrift stores but im not gonna give up which ones I spend my time at because there are still a lot of treasures at them. (I recommend Magpie on 9th or Ray's Ragtime on Morrisson)

-Above: "Bitches to Riches" $28, from the latest Blacktooth collection.

-Designer/artists/label you'd love to collab with?

--Missing Toof, Jason Adams, Hellcat Records, Vans, Keep Company, Chanel, this is hard, never really thought about this.

-Above: "Holy War" by Carey Haider

-What, besides your stuff, are you wearing frequently?

--Most of my clothes are from thrift stores. I like a good leather jacket, a fedora (Brixton makes nice ones), and for the feets either a good pear of leather boots or some Vans.

-Above: Carey Haider Photography

-Give us a few Carey Haider summer essentials?

--Don't cut your jeans off cause when winter rolls around your gonna freeze, instead roll them up. Buy black pants cause when they rip you can sharpy your skin and no one will know. Im probably a bad person to ask summer essentials cause I wear a beanie and jeans in the summer. I guess the best advice would be to be yourself and be comfortable. Ride your bike, it saves money, doesn't support the oil industry, and you need the exercise anyways from all the burgers and beer your gonna be consuming.

-Above: Carey Haider for Bent Metal

-What tunes are you digging presently?

--The Coasters, The Raveonettes, Lil Wayne, Townes Van Zandt, Motley Crue, and Mogwai.

-Above: Flyer designed by Carey Haider

-Which designers inspired your style?

--In the beginning I was inspired by Black Label Skateboards and the whole Six Gun thing, Defracto Death Camp, and the whole 70's Seditionaries movement.

-What things influence your personal style?

--Well early on back in middle school I was influenced by punk rock and skateboarding. So where I am at today is still in that arena. Its weird cause I used to get beat up for wearing ripped tight jeans, having long hair, and riding a skateboard but now its what moms buy there kids. Buying pre ripped jeans is a fucking joke and especially paying $125.00 for them. I guess that whole thing kinda goes along with the radio and how its all watered down mall music. I guess this whole thing is leading me to the whole Blacktooth thing. I want people to know its independently ran by only me, no corporate funding, no marketing schemes. I think if people are going to buy new clothes its important to support the small guys. Brands like Elias, Keep, and other D.I.Y. outlets keep the world breathing. Its really cool to see larger chains like Urban Outfitters supporting the small guys now. I think people are getting sick of the logo t-shirt. A lot of this has to do with where we are at right now. Its like a new Vietnam/Reganomic's and people are starting to wake up and realize you can change the world. I kinda strayed off subject so back to the question. If you look at bands like The Boys, The Dead Boys, the whole mod movement, mixed with a little Creedence Clearwater Revival I guess thats where you could pin me at.

-Above: Mixed Media piece by Carey Haider

How do you deal with the haters?

--The funny thing is I actually love haters, they make me smile. I guess maybe I'm weird but the more hate someone has for me the more I enjoy it. Usually the hate derives from jealousy, misunderstanding, or complete ignorance. The haters I know of will stand next to me and never say a word but you hear from other people they are talking. I find it very funny cause it proves the point that there words must not be true cause if they were they'd talk to me to find out the truth. Success causes more problems. I remember one time I did a shirt with a diamond on it way back in the day and this dude was trying to fight me in a parking lot saying I ripped him off cause the diamond is his logo and he's been drawing it since middle school. Well point and case be, right down the street was a diamond on a jewelry store sign that had been there at least 20 years before he was born. That is the type of stuff I run into. I wish haters would just quit talking and start creating. I remember this one dude said I ripped his style off and could only trace line drawing stuff. So the next day I painted a 4 foot tall David Bowie portrait in realism. I like a good challenge and if your hating I'd be glad to sit down and talk to you cause I bet I can teach you something or two. Criticism is always good anyways. And at the end of the day I get about 200/1 on a hater scale. I love it when kids send me emails saying they are into what I'm doing and ask me questions of how they can make t-shirts and what not. I think its very important to give them advice and support cause I never had that as a kid. The youth are the future.

-Above:Screen Print/Illustration by Carey Haider

I have a shirt with the illustration above on it, I bought it at the Red Light on Hawthorne in 2005, shortly after me and Goody heard about Blacktooth. It is still one of my favorite t-shirts (I don't really wear t-shirts that much, either) and it gets me more comments than any other piece of clothing I own, which relates to the paragraph below.

Basically, what I think the key is after all this, forget the naysayers and the scene and all the shit, he makes clothes that people want to wear. Clothes that in their production and marketing, represent individual inspiration. Whats more real than that? Blacktooth represents every dream of every artistic kid that wanted to make his own clothes, but because of all the people that said they didn't have the knowledge or skill or resources, couldn't make that dream happen. Make the the dream happen, whatever it is, whatever your creative outlet is, do whatever can to share it wish people and to stay true to your original intentions. Word.

-The shirt says it all
1-His Web site has a list of press and shows and stuff, I didn't feel like listing it all.


meaghan m. said...

i love it

Kurt McDurt said...

Man jacket is legit, even if he wouldn't buy us beer at that party when we were little shits back in high-school. I was also wondering what band he is in because you said he is successful in music.

Anonymous said...

omg where the f did he get that awesome andy warhol tshirt

classact said...

his band is called werewolves of london i think, theres a link on his myspace, which you can find in my friends under B.