Sunday, June 29, 2008

Design Major: Milan Spring 09 Gucci

-Of the major Italian houses, only Gucci did not disappoint. Well that is a bit of an understatement; Where Armani, Prada, and Versace's offerings were all solid, they encompassed nothing we haven't seen before. Every single look from Gucci excited me. I wanted to save every photo for the blog but undertook the task of choosing a select few to show.
-Among the field of lesser known standouts and disappointing staple labels, Gucci continues to innovate, pushing the frontier of youthful luxury. As always, photos and analysis of our favorite looks after the jump.

-There is not much I have to add, the photos mostly speak for themselves. This collection from Gucci, like most, has an air of flair that only confident sartorialists ought attempt. As I write that though, I think about how often people tell me that they couldn't pull off the things I wear. I tell these people you can pull off anything if you are confident that you look good. A tip for trying something a little adventurous: try purchasing a really great piece (like something from this collection) and you'll have to wear it to have not wasted a great deal of money.

-Classic slim-cut suit, I really love the 70s touch of color on the tie. The shoes are a little fruity.

-This looks very much like something I'd wear. I hate when runway shows are so avant garde, you can't imagine anything you'd actually wear within the concepts. This is a look that could be achieved for a fraction of the price if you replaced the pieces with similar ones from a brand like Modern Amusement.

-This 80s style jacket is sick, straight up. It's probably $3,000, but what can you do. This is a good example of how a theme doesn't have to dominate an entire look. The pants, boots and jacket are rock 'n' roll, but change the pants or take off the jacket and it's a very casual outfit.

-Like I said earlier, you're not going to see many American men rocking baby-blue skinny suits, but maybe you take just the pants with a gray V-neck.

-A white suit provides enough flair, a well matched shirt/tie combo pulls it together.

-Another take on the same suit.

-Again, this looks like something I would rock (minus the murse and the flowered shoes. I haven't seen a patterned club collar before, I need to look for an affordable one.

-Just looking at the show, and thinking of all the runway shows we've presented, I've got to mention that we are normally inclined toward affordable clothing. This is why we advocate rocking high/low. Selecting a few pieces of high fashion that you truly love and will keep for a long time, and searching thrift shops for affordable, unique items. In the end it evens out at about the price as if you'd been shopping at the mall or at Abercrombie, except you know, you look good.

All photos by Marcio Madeira via

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