Saturday, June 14, 2008

Geology 101: Precious Metals

-Jewelry for men has always been something I've struggled with. I've never been able to really find anything, aside from dog tags, that balances elegance, masculinity, and statement.
-So, I just had that in mind today and went looking on some of my go-to sites to see what I could find.

-The Headshell (from a record player) necklace above is from Complete Technique, and is a fresh example of that balance I mentioned.

-A bunch more of my favorite, with sources and price, after the jump.
-That means click the more link to see them,doggie.

Speaker bracelet from Complete Technique, $900

Speaker Necklace, TC, $260

iPod Necklace, TC, $100

Walkman Necklace, TC, $180

Rockwell Collabo Tape Necklace, TC, $200

Skate Deck Necklace, TC, $220

-Anchor Cluster Necklace, Rogues Gallery, $220

-Propellor Cluster Necklace, Rogues Gallery, $220

-Seaworthy Necklace, Rogues Gallery, $270

More on Rogues Gallery soon. Big moves coming soon, too. Keep checking back.

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