Saturday, June 21, 2008

Design Major: Lego Love

-If you're a male who grew up in the 80s or 90s you have an inborn love of Legos. When bored, I often find myself wishing I still had the thousands of multicolored little squares I possessed as a child.
-I was already flipping shit when Marc Jacobs pulled out the crazy Lego accessories earlier this year. Now LifeHacker has tipped me off to the coolest fucking thing ever, Legos Digital Designer, which is freeware for both Windows and OSX. Also, it seems apt to mention that Lego is another example of progressive Danish design.
-Furthermore, Lego and Nintendo have followed up their sick as fuck (really) Lego Star Wars video game series, with Lego Indiana Jones.

-Nerds diss on the Lego games because, well, you never die, making the games incredibly easy. But shooting storm troopers that explode into flying Lego bricks is endlessly fun. And! The real secret I discovered, girls love playing them; you can't say that about too many other video games.
-Below: Dudes enjoying the aforementioned Marc Jacobs Lego accessories, photo from the cobrasnake

-Click to enlarge

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