Sunday, June 29, 2008

Design Major: Paris Spring 09 Richard Chai

-This is the first line I've seen from Richard Chai, though he's been showing collections bearing his name since 2004. His spring 2009 collection is unsurprisingly legit considering that Chai studied under Marc Jacobs before launching his own line.
-Chai was reported1 as saying he referenced the S.E. Hinton classic The Outsiders when designing this collection, playing on prep vs. punk themes. This play is what appeals to me as I often look to contradict classic school-boy forms and modern, music influenced aesthetics.
-As with prior posts, photos and analysis of our favorite pieces after the jump.

-This could be stock, uncreative school boy, but the fit and the air-tie set it off. I love the length and cut of the shorts. People's biggest mistake when wearing shorts is balance of size/fit between their tops and bottoms, this is a perfect example of balance done correctly.

-The long cardigan was everywhere on women last fall, and I never thought about it till I saw this, but the look can look just as good on a man. As with the other shows we've reviewed, the color is subtle and effective. It lets the fit speak for the genius, not loud color.

-Here is a great example of the punk meets prep aesthetic I mentioned in the intro. The jacket is a bit more rock and plays off the pastel sheen of the shorts.

-We've seen the blazer with shorts in the past few years, but a trench with shorts is true forward thinking spring.

-This look is just badass. The double-breasted coat serves as the standout element.

-A lot of the shows are using rolled up, or just short pants, I think it's a look thats going to take off with fashion forward men in the next year. Obvious rock elements in here, and the most essential spring tactic, layering of light fabrics.

1- according to writer Josh Peskowitz
all photos by Marcio Madeira via

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Lisa said...

even though this is unrelated to men's fashion, I just wanted to comment that Chai is going to be doing a capsule collection for Target's Go International at the end of this summer