Thursday, June 19, 2008

PhysEd: Kick, Push, West Coast

As we mentioned earlier, with this past spring came a revival of our favorite junior high pastime. While the incessant Northwest rain has warped more than a few decks, summer is the perfect time for a skate resurgence, especially with the help of the Crailtap family. The California-based skate company collective, which includes Girl Skates, Lakai Footwear, and Fourstar Clothing, among others, has always been home to the industry’s best skaters and designers. They are also the people behind our all-time favorite skate film, Spike Jonze’s Yeah, Right!. is a prime destination for skate-related news, features, and generally witty banter. It is also home to the Crailshop, a treasure trove of dirt cheap company leftovers, so you can build a complete for under $80 and blow the rest of your money on $5 shorts and the like.

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