Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dress Code: Shutter to Think

We at CA have never been shy about our admiration for rap genius/professional egotist Kanye West. His debut was earnest and refreshingly self-deprecating, and he has yet to put out a disappointing record. That said, those plastic Stronger glasses have quickly become the most contrived and obnoxious fashion accessory in recent memory. Apparently, Gawker agrees. They publicly called out some of the worst offenders, including a certain serpentine nightlife photographer.
If you happen to disagree, you can snag some on Kanye's website. I squint a lot and I'm not that into Daft Punk, so a while back I bought a solid pair of Von Zipper Rockfords ($50-$70, They are similarly shaped, pretty affordable, and they come with actual lenses. You decide.

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