Monday, June 30, 2008

Design Major: Milan Spring 09 D&G

-D&G made the kind of loud statements that Gucci did, not with bright, solid colors, but with variations of intense patterns. A lot of what I could say about the D&G show is reminiscent of my last post about the Gucci collection. If you're following our coverage, you should see a clear distinction between the rain crafted pieces from a collection like Burberry's, and the looks presented by Gucci and D&G. Drawing from nautical inspirations, my favorite timeless theme, D&G used navy and white stripes to create volume and texture, maintaining a quintessentially Italian flair. As before, photos and analysis of our favorite looks after the jump.

-Intricately patterned trousers have been in quite a few of the recent shows, I'll have to search for some affordable ones someplace. It's good to see flip-flops getting some love from high fashion.

-Again, I love nautical as a theme. The pattern on this shirt seems a little corny, but the pairing with solids keeps it in check.

-Again, the pants are great. This show really wasn't about tons of innovation with shape or function; It's cable V-necks and trousers and Tuxes, but the patterns and proportions are nuts.

-A good deal of the show, more than is proportionally represented here, was more formal.

-Striped pants play well in a sort of dull vs. the sheen of the jacket. I almost always support bow tie usage.

-Playing the nautical theme on an elegant standard.

-Again we see the pairing of an intricate, busy pattern with a solid. Great dressers understand balance.

All photos by
Marcio Madeira via

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