Wednesday, September 2, 2009

School Supplies: Ralph Lauren Rugby High Seas Cardigan

-I was just browsing on Rugby today and I found this cardigan. A lot of people in the style blogosphere would find this piece a little too out-there for their tastes, but that's why I like it. $130 is a little more than I'd usually consider dropping on a cardigan, but I need pieces like this to remind myself that before I was engrossed in a style blogosphere that, while it provides a wealth of alternative points of view to counteract magazines and other dominant media, gets bogged down by a regurgitation of trends and uniformity of thought, I made a name by being a daring sartorialist. Pieces like this remind me that personality was always my biggest style influence.


Jack said...

haha great piece!

line.theory said...

I realise this is an old post but just thought I'd briefly point out that Rugby Ralph Lauren and RRL are not the same thing (as confusing as that is) - Rugby is the college-oriented line and RRL is RL's much more expensive (but much nicer) heritage line.

Enjoying the blog.