Saturday, September 12, 2009

School Supplies: A.P.C.

-While my co-editor spurned A.P.C. denim a little while back, I felt slightly inspired by his post and decided it was time for me to ditch my dad's old 501s and make my own first-ever raw denim purchase. I am neither rich nor ridiculously skinny, so I figured it would be quite a challenge. Luckily, I found a deal on a pair of A.P.C. New Standards, and am excited to see how they turn out.
-Hypebeast recently interviewed A.P.C. founder Jean Touitou regarding the brand's future as well as the growing number of A.P.C. retail stores throughout the world. Touitou discusses an upcoming collaboration with Supreme and shares some kind words regarding fashion in Scandinavia, stating that "even small Scandinavian cities have a strong sense of inventive fashion." As I will be living in Aalborg, Denmark for the next four months, I will be capturing instances of said "inventive fashion" and sharing them in our new 'Study Abroad' section. Until then, check out the A.P.C. website.

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