Friday, September 25, 2009

School Supplies: Cool Cats x Sebago

-As a die-hard Top-Sider aficionado, it's a rule that I despise the Sebago Dockside. Also, I've always thought the idea of a black deck shoe was a bit amiss. But I really dig these Docksides by Parisan collection Cool Cats. The colored eyelets are really great and somehow the black on white looks super clean. The collab is limited to 75 pairs and they're selling for 165 euros, about $240. If these were under $100 I'd probably snag them.

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L.A.S said...

I can't bring myself to pay more then about $100 for any pair of boatshoes because I know for a fact they are gonna get scuffed and weathered (isnt that the point). Fresh, no doubt, but GTFOH with that price point, collabo or not.