Wednesday, September 9, 2009

School Supplies: Key Addiction

-I'm a sucker for expensive hobbies. Clothing is my obvious monetary vice, and camera gear is slowly becoming an obsession, but my one true expensive love has held strong since my middle school days: Music production gear. I've shared my affinity for Korg gear a number of times, as of now my collection consists of: the microKORG- the greatest synthesizer of all time, the Kaossilator-the funnest thing in the world to do when you're high, the Kaoss Pad mini and the Nanopad, among other non-Korg music gadgets. I've already committed mentally to purchasing the microKORG XL later this year, but now I'm torn because I just saw this leaked picture of the new microSAMPLER (above). I've got a sampler already, but not a Korg one, and not one that looks cool and can hook up to your iPod, so I want it. I also want this—I just gotta save up a quick $5000 first.
-And hey as long as were talking about synthesizers, check out this photo of the Beatles' first encounter with pioneering synth a Moog. If you're uninformed about Moog and you're interested in the history of electronic music, check out Moog: The Documentary. That link is just a snippet, but if you're download savvy at all you can find the whole thing. And as long as you're on YouTube check out the endless supply of dope Kaossilator/KP vids.
-I got all this from Synthtopia, my favorite music-nerd blog.

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