Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Professors: Bob Cousy

-I shot some hoops in Chuck Taylors the other day and it hurt my feet. I can't imagine playing whole games in them. Having no other inspiration, I've resorted to the played out blog tactic of searching the LIFE archive for inspiring images1. Basketball competes with skateboarding for the #3 spot in my list of passions (after music and style,) so I think I'll try to make something of this post2: Despite the obvious pain involved with playing  in Chucks, I'm inclined to point out that the original All-Star is stylistically superior to anything modern ballers are wearing3.
-If you're still with me, take a look after the jump for a few more great Cousy4 photos by Yale Joel.
1- A tactic usually reserved only for the Class Act Tumblr.
2- If I lost you already, it's okay, this post is obviously reaching for something that's not quite there.
3- Though Rasheed keeps it old school by still rocking Air Force 1s in-game. 
4-Cousy is legit, but I still hate the Celtics vehemently. 


Wrecked Stellar said...

Love the autograph photo.

Jonathan O' said...

super dope.
love Cousy.
can't go wrong with the LIFE shots either.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Cousy rock'd a PF Flyer during his Celtic years which prob explains your Chuck Taylor discomfort. Trade up. I own a pair and they are mad comfy compared to Con's.