Monday, June 21, 2010

Dress Code: Thom Browne Square-Cut Ties

-Thom Browne is, if nothing else, a brilliant showman. But because he takes the 'show' aspect of a fashion show to the extreme, his looks can often leave onlookers wondering "Is this dude fucked in the head?" Despite the wackness of his overall looks, I was actually digging on quite a few individual items in his most recent collection for Moncler Gamme Bleu, none more so than his square-cut ties. I only caught these two distinct versions of the tie, but he used them in quite a few of his looks throughout the show.
-I've never actually owned a square-bottom tie1, and I kind of brushed them off as overly novelty, but the great chambray models from The Hill-Side, and now these two, are really making me reconsider. Especially in the SS season, I'm thinking a square-end tie with a bit of color and humor might be a great accessory to work into my wardrobe.
1-Aside from my knit ties (which these are not,) I should have made that distinction clearer. 


MC said...

No love for knit ties? It seems you have to look pretty hard to find one that's not square-cut.

Jake said...

I received a square-bottom silk knit tie for father's day yesterday. Today I rocked it with jeans, oxford and blazer. It felt as good as I anticipated.

Angelo said...

I totally spaced on knit ties, I do indeed have a few, nice catch.

Ivan McK said...

Square-cut ties = "yes!"