Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer School: Oi Polloi Sale Outerwear

-You're probably a seasoned enough shopper to know that summer is the time to find deals on outerwear. If you've been reading Class Act for awhile, you probably know that I'm on a seemingly endless quest to find the perfect parka, and since I'm always on the lookout, I thought I'd throw up some of the many outerwear deals available right now in Oi Polloi's sale section.
1- Barbour, Carbon Dry Fly Jacket, $197 down from $327.
2- Heritage Research, Longline Parka Millerain, $250 down from $313.
3- Fjallraven, Telemark II Jacket, $183 down from $260.

4. CP Company, Blouson, $615 down from $880.
5. Victorinox, Spring Parka, $224 down from $370.
6. Engineered Garments, Field Parka, $450 down from $640.
-This CP Company blouson is not quite 'bargain' fodder, but it's the first modern jacket I've seen with a window to see your watch and goggles built in to the hood for extreme weather conditions, which I think is pretty legit.

7-Nigel Cabourn, Packaway Coat, $394 down from $656.
8. Nom De Guerre, Trench Coat, $425 down from $708.
9. Engineered Garments, Nt Parka, $370 down from $530.
-As with all sale shopping, you have to get lucky with available sizes, but if you're in the market for some outerwear, hit up the summer sales before prices get inflated come fall.

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