Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer School: Sid Mashburn Green Canvas Shorts

-Credit goes to Mr. Joe Gannon for finding these great looking shorts from Southern sartorial champ Sid Mashburn. Looking at my selection of shorts, they're all khaki, save a pair of vintage madras goodness. Though I'm a sucker for military green, my wardrobe is lacking1 any real/sporty/prep greens. Maybe it's because I developed a sort of aversion to Lacoste as a teenager, or more likely, just because I'd never seen anything so perfectly green as these shorts, either way, I'm definitely on the lookout for some Irish flair now. You can snag these from Taigan for a reasonable $90.
-Now, speaking of $90 shorts, someone should really loan me a C-note so I can snag these Corduroy Supply Shorts from the soon-to-be defunct Hickey2.

1- Darian drew this same "not-enough-green" conclusion the other day. 
2- If you've been reading for awhile, you know that Hickey is one of my all-time fave brands. Sad days. 


trip said...

LL Bean Signature has a pair of shorts very similar to the second pair you posted, and for about half the price

Angelo said...

Trip with the assist. Though I've had good experiences with Hickey fit, and have never tried the LL fit.

Angelo said...

Interesting note on that though. The LL Sigs were designed my Alex Carleton, formerly of Rogues Gallery, and the Hickey were designed by Aaron Levine, now of Rogues Gallery. Weird.