Monday, June 28, 2010

School Supplies: Thrift Find Camo Jacket

-My affinity for military gear is well-documented, and in a lot of recent posts I've noted that I need to get back to my high school thrifting habits. Looking for nothing in particular1, I stopped by Value Village last week and found this Army jacket for $6. The jacket is thin and a little loose-fitting, so it's perfect to thrown over anything, especially when the temperature is decides to mimic fall (i.e. this week.)

-I don't have any idea what the patch with the sword means2, but I dig little military details like that. I'm thinking about removing the name tag, as much as I like old stuff, I don't really like having someone else's name on my chest. Especially now that I'm doing some feature reporting again, and have to carry a number of notebooks, pens and pencils with me most days, I'm really stoked to have found a lightweight jacket with a ton of good-sized pockets.
1-Default things I'm always looking for at thrift shops: Carhartt pants, nice ties, old army shirts to turn into bow ties, old Levi's, blazers, etc. 
2-Update: Our friend Tommy V. did a bit of research, and it seems the patch is likely the insignia of the 201st Battlefield Surveillance Brigade, which is located just a ways down I-5 at Fort Lewis in Olympia. The local connection makes the garment that much better. 


jeremy said...

looking good!

BadScene said...

It fits great, I wouldn't call it baggy at all.

Tommy V. said...

I could be wrong but it looks like your boy Wright was a part of the Link 201st Brigade

Anyway, looks cool. Good call on removing the name patch.

Angelo said...

Good looking out Tommy v.!

MarcoBerlin said...

i like the jacket, vintage, classic, great!

Puddle Jumper said...

rip off just half the name patch so it doesn't look odd, but they aren't expecting that to be your name either. great find!