Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer School: Our Legacy Versatile Parka

-Can you guess what the weather looks like outside my window right now? Yeah. It's raining on July 2nd. The dudes at Our Legacy probably had the cool Stockholm summer in mind when they thought up this heavy-twill summer parka, but right now I'm wishing I had something like this to help get me through this wet (but not really cold) early-summer. In the previous post I said my new camo jacket was perfect for the light rain that's pervaded my summer, but a hood would be nice, and the neutral toned Versatile Parka might afford me more situational leeway than the military print. The jacket is on sale at Our Legacy's recently launched webstore, but I'd check around at some North American stockists before I risked messing around with customs, tariffs and the like.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I just started up a new blog for college guys on mens style. I'd appreciate any comments or feedback on the little up I have thus far.


Patrick-styleittakes said...

Here's a better image:

or even bigger:

Angelo said...

Thanks for the photo hookup.