Thursday, July 8, 2010

Art School: Charcoal Patina

-Summer weather has finally arrived in the Evergreen State, so today I'm finally going to get to something I've been needing to do for awhile; put on my 10-month old Naked & Famous denim and hop in the frigid (but oil-free!) Pacific Ocean and give them their first wash. I bought these jeans last August and wore them pretty much daily through the fall/winter season. Aside from getting caught in a killer downpour, and being covered by a spilled pitcher of Pabst, they've never had any sort of liquid contact. As much as the stink is demanding a wash, I'll be a little sad to let go of all that acquired grimyness.
-This summer I've been in a drawing class. I'd never worked with charcoal before, but soon found out that the shit gets all over your hands and clothes. I wore these to the first class and then, not wanting to subject any of my finer threads to the constant smear of black gunk1, continued to wear them to the 4-hour class for the remainder of the quarter. Every time I've habitually wiped my blackened hands on my hips, the charcoal has gotten a bit more engrained in the fibers and has left the thighs of my Skinny Guys with a pretty cool matte look2.
-Hit the jump for a few more photos of the jeans pre-oceanwash.
1-I know that charcoal washes out of fabric easily, but come on, I only do laundry like once a month.
2-Also, I know it's a bit a douchy to blog about a somewhat artificially acquired artistic accent3, but I am washing them, right?
3-That absurd use of alliteration was completely accidental.







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p.m. said...


Anonymous said...

They are too tight on you bro.

Brian Bielawa said...

you out lasted me. I only went 7 months with my apc's.

Angelo said...

"too tight" is a measure of taste

everyone has different reasons for how long to wait for a first wash, but most people agree that anything after 6 months is gravy