Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer School: Topped Off

-Though loose-hanging tank tops have become a staple of hipstergarb, I still get excited for the Northwest's relatively short window of tank top appropriate weather. I picked up this striped Apex Tank from Analog (top left) a few weeks ago, then today I came across this blue/red striped Obey piece at Blackbird, and now I'm really liking the idea of a pocketed1 tank. I also like the 70s track feel of my American Apparel jersey ringer tank. Bring a light chambray or windbreaker in your bag and a great tank top or even a well-chose vintage basketball jersey can take you from a day at the beach well into a beer-fueled, bonfire-lit evening.

-There are some really nice tank tops from designers like Robert Geller and Patrik Ervell, but I actually think the skate and surf brands do a better job at getting the beach vibe right with with their color choices. And for an item that's so distinctly seasonal (in my region at least,) I'm not looking to break the bank on a designer shirt; $45 is probably as high as I would go. Karmaloop2 has some gems scattered among the over-branded streetwear tanks, but as with the polo shirt, a great summer tank is an item you might be able to score at your local thrift shop.
1-For smokes, sunglasses, point-and-shoot, etc. 
2-Karmaloop's models are a pretty blatant example of the stranglehold hipsterdom has on tanktops. Let's take them back. 


Rich said...

Great article as always. I'm excited to wear my tanks this summer. I'm kinda disappointed with the hipster cracks. I like to think that you are better than those provincial battles.

Angelo said...

I wouldn't call them cracks as much as observations (observations with which anyone is free to disagree.) When I say 'hipster,' I'm referring to people that I believe tend to dress to be seen, rather than to satisfy themselves.

L.A.S said...

A to the L-O is the king of scenesters.

Ron Burgundy said...

Karmaloop should never ever be mentioned on a "men's style blog."