Thursday, May 27, 2010

School Supplies: White Stag 4-Seasons Jacket

-All week people have been talking about the 90-degree weather in New York. Yesterday I walked to school in a 55-degree downpour. I don't know if I've ever blogged1 about the vintage White Stag 4-Seasons windbreaker I picked up last year for $12, but it's definitely been a lifesaver this wet spring. The jacket is super light, so I've just been keeping it bunched at the bottom of my Duluth Pack, ready to throw over whatever I'm wearing at the first sight of rain. The jacket is completely waterproof and has unique oily sheen and some nice little details like a hood that zips into the collar. With all the designer windbreakers out these days, and having not yet found the perfect parka, I'm stoked to have found this jacket for cheap.
-1: I guess I did blog about this jacket when I bought it. 

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10101010100 said...

damn, the color is great, good find. is it just nylon?