Monday, May 10, 2010

School Supplies: $26 Bold Shirt/Tie Combo

Liberty of London for Target
-I'd forgotten that I even read about the Liberty of London for Target collaboration when I came across this shirt/tie last week. Apparently the collab wasn't a hit because a whole selection of shirts and ties were marked down to $13 on clearance. I probably wouldn't have grabbed these at their original price ($20) but I liked the idea of getting to try out something you see from Gucci and Etro pretty often, layered intricate prints, for a fraction of the cost. As you might expect, the quality isn't superb and the fit of the shirt is a bit off, but the super lightweight cotton is actually perfect for warm weather. This might not be the look for you, and I wouldn't suggest that anyone attempt it too often, but spring is the time to be bold in your stylistic endeavors. In the long run, I'm sure I'll end up wearing this shirt with a solid navy tie more often than as pictured here, but for $26, I'm pretty stoked to have found something to change up my spring routine.


10101010100 said...

the mix of patterning is great, i follow you on tumblr and used to on here but i messed up awhile ago and got rid of everything i followed, so i'm glad to find you again!
always a pleasure!

Angelo said...


Thraclane said...

Nice look dude, and I'm all for a trim fit... But your blazer is WAY too small for you. It's time fornthe next size up, friend.

Angelo said...

The stressing on the midsection is actually greatly exaggerated because the jacket is navy puffer, so it's very flimsy. If you look at the shoulders, you'll see that it fits quite perfectly.