Thursday, May 13, 2010

School Supplies: Riviera Club Perfect Henley

-While I think it's a bit pretentious for any brand to call an item 'perfect,'  this henley from Riviera Club looks to be pretty spot on. I could maybe do without the stitch detail on the pocket, but that could probably be easily removed, and the sun-faded color is great for spring. The henley is one of my favorite anytime items, and I'm surprised at how little it gets mentioned when people are listing their menswear essentials. I even occasionally throw a henley over an oxford/tie combo as a sweater substitute in transitional seasons (remind me to blog about that separately,) which is something I've never seen anybody else try. I'm trying to substantially limit my clothing purchases as I save for a major purchase, but the not-so-bad $73 price tag on this is seriously tempting me.
-Via Blackbird.


cam said...

invs stripes sf

henleys are a good fit
great for upcoming summer

Anonymous said...

hey, I have longed to pull off this style of henley over a button down shirt, but can not seem to find the right weight henley for the job. Do you go with a heavier or lighter weight shirt over the button down? I really want to rock a henley, but I always come out looking like I am wearing pajamas to work. Any suggestions? Thanks! Jordan

eye five style said...

Personally I haven't found the perfect henley. The ones I've got are from American Apparel, Gap and H&M (aka cheap.) And you're right, if the weight isn't right they can look like pajamas. I'm thinking that investing in a slightly pricier, heavier-weight henley might be the way to go. I think with a sturdier fabric and a shirt beneath that itself doesn't recall pajamas (maybe go with a solid, dark color rather than plaid or checks) should be enough to keep you looking adult.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice. I am glad to know that other people are experiencing the pajama problem. Sometimes I think I should just buy an abercrombie henley with minimal branding on it, cuz you know those things are heavy. But I feel like such a tool doing it. Anyway, good luck with your henley quest. Jordan