Friday, May 7, 2010

Dress Code: Thinking of Fall

-Today is sunny and the temperature has risen above 60 for the first time in months, but this photo from Opening Ceremony's FW10 lookbook has me thinking about fall already. Most of you are probably aware that Opening Ceremony can be hit or miss. They tend to ride trends a little too hard, and I had some issues with their customer service. But, I appreciate that they aim to push style rather than sit still, and everyone once in awhile they produce some baller garments and looks. I'm not saying that I'll be leaving the house in pink/aqua Navajo sweats this fall, but I'll definitely reference this image's take on nonchalant chunky layering.

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mattpecina said...

This look reminds me alot of a few of the styles in Gant Ruggers Fall Lookbook, which got me pretty excited for fall as well. some fall stles on my blog,

you should check it out, id like to know your thoughts