Saturday, March 6, 2010

School Supplies: Penfield SS/10

-Continuing on my eternal parka quest, I find myself really liking some of the new jackets from Penfield. The Lockwood (left) is the perfect simple parka, and I trust Penfield's waterproofing skills more so than some of the parkas from higher-end labels. The Cambpell (center) is not quite as sweet as the Wings + Horns chambray parka, but at about $500 less, it's a nice substitute. The Penfield chambray isn't waterproof though, which is a bummer. The Vassan 2 tone (right) is on the verge of looking a little too snowboard-y, but the colors are soft enough that it could work as a go-to urban parka. The best of the deal though, is that all these jackets are under $200, which increases the likelihood that I'll be snagging one sometime this spring.


Paul91 said...

The Lockwood parka is my favorite... I love the olive colored one on their site. May have to get it!

BadScene said...

The jackets look great. Thanks for posting an alternative to the $400+ Woolrich versions.