Tuesday, March 2, 2010

School Supplies: Madras Madness

-The madras tie is a spring must-have that I, somehow, don't have. I'll definitely be grabbing one soon, but the question is, which one? 3sixteen added these two madras pieces to their spring collection and I think the color mixtures are spot-on.  Width: 2.5, Cost: $77 at the 3sixteen online shop.

-I'm leaning heavily toward one of these new ties from Gitman Vintage. The enlarged madras pattern is a rarer sight, and it gives the ties a less-busy look. Width: Not listed, but they look agreeable narrow, Cost: $68 at Blackbird.

-Lastly, I couldn't post about madras ties if I didn't peruse the selection at J. Press. If you're gonna do classic prep styling, you might as well stick with a classic prep retailer. Width: Probably a little more classic (i.e. wider) than the others, Cost: $59.50 at J.Press online.
-I'm hoping the Gitman ties will still be in-stock in a month or so when my bank account has recouped a little. If so, you can expect to see me: White BD collar oxford, loose tie, seersucker ballin this spring.


Ben said...

Dont know if you've ever fondled those gitman ties, but they are extremely flimsy. They are made out of the same material as the shirts but are completely unlined thus making for a tissue thin tie.

Obviously the price point is better but I'll always opt for a BoO or Olch number.

Angelo said...

Thanks for the heads up, i haven't actually felt them. I like a small knot, so I don't know if then thickness will bother me, but I'll definitely check them out in person before
pulling the trigger on one.

Thom said...

I actually found a vintage jpress burlington knot madras tie recently at a thrift store for 2 dollars. It will probably be my go to tie for spring. Its the perfect pattern and width.

Angelo said...

Dope, That's the way to go. My favorite bow is a madras Brooks Brothers i picked up for $8.

corkgrips said...

love the pattern of the gitman on the right, definitely agree about the white oxford (super broken in)