Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Film Studies: Revenge of the Nerds

-I wasn't alive in 1984, but I'm told Orwell's predictions didn't hold true. The year was, however, the year that the greatest college movie ever made, Revenge of the Nerds, debuted. I hadn't watched the movie for about 7 years before I decided to rent it this week and discovered the classic film contains some badass styling. Check out some screen caps of some of the movie's sartorial gems and a bit more insight into the movie's legacy after the jump.

-I'm really digging the color combo on this station wagon. But check out James Cromwell's (the dad) fit right here, looks like something we might see pulled off unironically in the current style climate.

-I'm feeling a bit conflicted about pocket protectors right now. Straight up, I think they look pretty dope. They could add a bit of flair to a look (especially if you actually need all those pens and pencils.) But alas, I have an odd feeling that the pocket protector may come back soon as a hipster trend accessory. Oh well, it might be a cool idea to throw into an editorial shoot. I might scope eBay for some cool pocket protectors. Lewis' glasses are fresh too.

-Booger's "Gimme Head Till I'm Dead" shirt. Best slogan tee in a movie. Ever.

-I promise you this: In my eventual collection of menswear, there will be a sleeveless varsity jacket. No joke. Maybe it will have zip-off sleeves. Ogre is played by Donald Gibb, who you might recognize from Blood Sport, the greatest Van Damme movie of all time.

-Booger rocking leather and joints. Wormser rocking the bow. Ballin.

-Jefferson from Married with Children as stock frat-douche Stan Gable. Great casting and styling.

-High-five to whoever can track down one these Lambda Lambda Lambda cardigans.

-I'm more into this for the Roland gear than the clothes.

-This character's name is U.N. Jefferson. Is that not the most badass name ever? U.N.

-Here's the slightly racist part of the movie: If you don't remember, a bunch of big black tri-lambs show up and the Alpha Betas are too scared to fight them. But given that earlier in the movie the nerds break into Pi's house, sexually assault them and steal their underwear, I don't think political correctness was a major consideration during the production of this movie. We'll let it slide though, because the movie is the quintessential college comedy, underdog story and now a major inspiration for some future designs.


BadScene said...

This was most definitely an underrated movie. At least in terms of style, if not comedic genius. Ok, comedic genius is going a bit far. Regardless, the movie is quite stylish and it has probably influenced the current 80's prep revival more than we can know.

Anonymous said...

underrated? everyone i know loves this movie!