Wednesday, March 31, 2010

School Supplies: Heritage Research for Oi Polloi Varsity Jacket

-I've blogged about Heritage Resarch a few times now, and I have to reiterate that I think the British brand is making some of the finest (and expensive,) minimalist garments around right now. I've also blogged a few times about my affinity for toned-down varsity jackets. Given Heritage Research's other pieces, a varsity jacket seems like kind of a curveball, but like their other jackets, this one looks like it was executed brilliantly. You can't go wrong with heavyweight grey wool and cream leather. This jacket is made in America and hits the till at $530 via Oi Polloi.

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Nicolas Lazaro said...

Temple of Jawnz makes the best varsity jackets man. Latest (and only available) iteration has a suede body with leather sleeves: