Saturday, March 27, 2010

School Supplies: Navy Authentics

-I'm gonna keep this post simple. I picked up some navy Authentics at a Vans outlet for $30. You probably already know that Authentics are the perfect SS sneaker. I love the nautical feel of the navy/white model. They're high enough not to fret if there's still a bit of rain on the ground, and skatable enough to hop on a board if you need to jet somewhere quick. Let them get a little worn and pair them with some rolled up chinos; If they're too clean and thrown with some stock raw denim, you're bound to look like every other streetwear kid. If you're going with a ubiquitous sneaker, make sure the rest of the fit has an individual flair.


L.A.S said...


Black Tripper said...

Dope as f*ck.

cam said...

what sweats?

Angelo said...

the babymama's sweats haha. i dont even think they have a tag, they're probably from club soccer or something.

H.M Tilford said...

You wear your girlfriend's sweatpants?