Tuesday, March 30, 2010

School Supplies: Nom De Guerre SS10 Desert Corps

-I usually try not to get too hyped up about Nom De Guerre, mostly because their pieces are rarely in my range. But these two coats from their SS10 collection — the Desert Corps Jacket, and the Desert Corps Trench — are two of the freshest looking items I've seen from anybody this season. It's pretty well established that I'm a sucker for military influence, and this collection is packed with service subtleties. At nearly the $500, the trench isn't too outrageous compared to similar coats, but it's still out of my budget. There's nothing wrong with wishing though, so that's my current stance. Nomad has the these and more from the collection, and as is their custom, the Toronto-based shop has the best product shots around. Though, I'd still like to see these on a model to get a sense of the fit.

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