Wednesday, March 10, 2010

School Supplies: The Early Spring Virtual Shopper

-I was browsing End's Web site and found myself wishing I had quite a few of the items to help me navigate the daily weather variations of Northwest springtime. I don't do a lot of assembled looks because I think that actual fit on the body is the most important thing you can share if you're blogging about looks, but all of these items are things I'd snag without question if I had the dough. I blogged about Heritage Research parkas before, and of all the incredible high-end parkas out there, I think their versions are my favorite. I really love pairing denim or chambray shirts with bright red and that Edwin crewneck is about as good as a sweatshirt can get. I'm still on the hunt for some slim khakis, and though I probably wouldn't ever spend more than $200 on a pair, these ones look great. The loafers tie back in the navy from the parka, and I added the bag just for good measure. 

-Heritage Research British millerain longline parka, $327
-Edwin corps sweatshirt, $117
-Levi's vintage sawtooth denim shirt, $187
-A.P.C. classic slim-fit chino, $246
-Surface 2 Air moccasin tassle loafer, $141
-Mismo weekend bag, $448


Joe said...

Right off the bat, that Edwin sweatshirt looks promising....

The Enthusiast said...

Dockers D1... But only if you're super duper desperate.