Thursday, March 25, 2010

Professors: Marcy Playground

-Every time a Marcy Playground song comes up on my shuffle I remind myself to do this post. You probably remember the band for their hit Sex and Candy, but you may not know that  the album from which the hit came is one of the best  and most complete rock albums of the nineties.
-I wouldn't place Marcy Playground within my top-ten bands, but I would put their 1997 self-titled album in my top-ten all-time albums. I consider an album great when I enjoy every single song, there aren't any that I'm inclined to skip. Aside from Nirvana's discs, which heavily influenced Marcy's sound, this is one of the few nineties albums that I can enjoy all the way through. The band's sound is slightly softer than Nirvana's, but the songs that rock a little more heavily don't seem contrived. Littered with memorable lines and bits of PNW reference (derived from lead singer John Wozniak's time at Washington's famous fake university, Evergreen,) this is a quintessential nineties album for anybody's collection. Sadly, the band's two subsequent releases failed to achieve what the self-titled album did, both commercially and musically, but the first disc is one that will always have a place in my rotation.


Anonymous said...

my household has undergone a total 90's alternative rock binge lately and needless to say marcy playground is on that epic playlist next to soundgarden, pearl jam, and etc. what ever happened to good mainstream alternative rock anyway?

Neely said...

very cool....I will have to get that album out of storage.