Monday, January 18, 2010

Design Major: C.P. Company Fall 2010

-If you read my previous post, then you might find it interesting that the first collection I really liked is the one that looks the most in-line with the American trends right now. The trousers tucked into boots (which I thought were Redwings at first glance) and the toggle coats are all big right now. What I liked about the C.P. Company (a brand I'm admittedly ignorant about) collection is that they worked in some fantastic color into the heavy layers. I'm already thinking about how I could use some soft, dark purple in my normal military/outdoor influenced looks. The field jacket in the middle image is my favorite piece from the collection. Usually we see field jackets as a heavier top layer, but this one is nicely fitted almost like a shirt-jacket, definitely something I could get down with. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Josh H. Lasserre said...

Great blog. Thanks for assembling these looks. They are helpful for when I need a nudge. After reading about your wanting to include some purple. I can definitely identify with wanting to add a dash of color to these earth tones I find myself happily buried this brief and wacky winter in Austin. Keep it up.