Thursday, January 28, 2010

School Supplies: Sonic Lab

-My pursuit for a quality big-kid backpack is never ending. I've posted about potential packs too many times to even link back to, just search backpacks in the search bar if you're interested. Also, my inclination toward military and military inspired gear is well-documented. So when I saw the Sonic Lab bags over at Mister Crew I was intrigued.  I already own a military-inspired duffel, but this backpack could be just what I'm looking for. My only worry is that it might be slightly too large for daily use, but I mix up my bag choice depending on what I have to carry everyday. I'm also not completely into the branding (if you look closely everything is printed) but the backpack looks to have minimal text.
-The bags are priced fairly well ($175 for the backpack) but they are, as expected, only available via Japanese outlets as of now. I'm probably one of the last style bloggers to have not attempted making a purchase from Japanese retail via proxy. It would actually be easier and cheaper for me just to have someone who knows Japanese order for me then to use a proxy, so we'll see what happens.
-Photos from Uneven blog and Mister Crew

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