Monday, January 25, 2010

Dress Code: D.S. Dundee Assembled by Class Act

-British label D.S. Dundee just came to my attention via Sartorially Inclined's ENK coverage, and I found myself mystified that I hadn't discovered this brand sooner. With all this emphasis on outdoor gear in the states, I'm more drawn to Britain, where hunting and general ruggedness has been stylishly refined for generations. There's not really much else to say in addition to the looks. All of the items I selected were on sale except for the jeans. I didn't notice that the Camel Jacket picture included the same striped sweater until after I'd pulled both of them, but I added the colorful shirt for a pop of color out of the collar that would tie the sweater and jacket together. Dundee doesn't have ties on their web site, but I'm told they have a neckwear line, or I'd have obviously included those in my looks.

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