Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Design Major: Iceberg Fall 2010

-Fashion week has been over for a few days but I wanted to post this one last set of looks from Iceberg. The past two Iceberg collections were two of my favorite showings of the past couple years. This particular collection didn't rank as high on my scale as the past two, but the brand is at least showing up consistently, which is more than can be said for a lot of wishwashy labels. Iceberg is a little more youthful and casual than a lot of the lines showing, but there's no reason the casual youth can't rock exquisitely cut jackets and waistcoats. There's nothing wrong with having an eye for what people are actually wearing on the street, as long as the product is well-made. As in the past shows, the cardigan usage was great here.
-Hat's don't ever really do it for me, and this show was no exception, but I dug the flower brooches. That buffalo plaid jacket is boss status. I've yet to actually see Iceberg in stores though...


nerdyCOOL said...

I liked their show too - gave me some good layering ideas.

Bobby Whigham said...

The scarves are amazing.

I really like the knit ones, sheer ones and the oblongs