Friday, January 15, 2010

School Supplies: Heritage Research Wilderness Parka

-I've strayed lately from posting about singular items, and I generally disregard any brand with the word "research" in the title (they're usually unattainable Japanese outfits.) But after being very intrigued by the Heritage Research x Quoddy Grizzly Boot collabo, I checked out the British (not Japanese) brand's site. Everything in their collection, which is heavily influenced by traditional military and outdoor wear, appealed to me on some level. The Wilderness Parka was my favorite of the bunch. It's not that often you find a Melton wool parka, and this one has a Pendleton lining which adds to the warmth/styling/NWcentrism appeal for me. I couldn't find a price on the site, but I'm sure it's out of my range. You can find some other offerings from HR, including these fantastic looking chinos, at Oi Polloi.


Anonymous said...

i agree 100% with everything you said in this post. seriously.

Junctioned said...

I've been following this brand a bit. This is one beautiful jacket.