Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Professors: Woodrow Wilson

-I was checking out the Johnston and Murphy "Shoes of the Presidents" site today (apparently they've made shoes for the President for the last 150 years.) Of all the shoes on their timeline, Woodrow Wilson's white cap-toes were the most in-line with my tastes (I'm presently lusting after these white Alden x Steven Alan bucks, sockless for spring would be dope.) Wilson, President from 1913 to 1921, is most-known for his Fourteen Points speech. But while looking at his shoes, I remembered that Wilson was briefly my favorite President when I was about 12 because I'd read somewhere that he was on the short-lived $100,000 bill. In 7th grade I did a report on Herbert Hoover and Wilson was demoted. I checked the Google LIFE archives and found that there weren't that many photos of Wilson, but look at this dope tiny bow tie. When my eventual line debuts, I'm going to make a recreation of this and call it the Woodrow (it's all about heritage lines now right?)
-Editor's note: I also read somewhere that Wilson was a very adamant racist, which is something we are certainly not trying to celebrate, so please don't take this promotion of Wilson's dapper tastes as a promotion of racism. 

-Another note, this one not relating to Woodrow Wilson: Moved this week into a bigger apartment, which is why posts lagged this week. But the new space has much more room for my photo gear/product shots/self shots which is all good for Class Act, so stay tuned for some good stuff coming in the next few weeks, including a new page header.


manifolddestiny said...

Also, he's a Phi Psi, so that's an A+ in my book.

Anonymous said...

I like the tie too, but you should really read 'People's History' by Zinn, it goes on for at least a chapter about how this guy was one of the worst presidents the US ever had. But yes, he was dapper.